Custom interactions

Our Workplace Wellbeing Management Platform delivers healthy desktop reminders to employees throughout their working day. As an employer, you can create custom notifications to help promote company-wide health and wellbeing initiatives using our intelligent delivery system.

If you already have a rich suite of wellbeing activities planned then you can promote these by using the custom notification feature. You can also signpost staff to specific employee benefits and internal wellbeing resources via in-product custom links.

workplace health and wellbeing interventions


Wellbeing Calendar

We include a pre-populated wellbeing calendar to help support your organisation’s wellbeing goals for the year ahead. You can customise the calendar to suit your own organisation or make use of our preset notifications to publish events and initiatives specific to your plans. You can use the notifications to maintain the wellbeing conversation throughout the year and punctuate your organisation’s efforts with global and national health observances, health and wellness campaigns and useful information for your employees.

Tailored Notifications

Welbot allows you to deliver tailored notifications to your workforce, promoting internal health and wellbeing events and highlighting the benefits available to them through your organisation. If your office offers on-site fitness classes, closes early during the summer or provides health assessments, you can use our platform to let your staff know or remind them of the employee benefits packages you provide. You can configure these notifications to appear at the time you want and include links to your intranet or information about third party providers. Welbot is fully compatible with existing EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) and supports the integration and delivery of existing wellbeing services.


If your organisation has its own internal resources you can direct staff to these using the built in signposting features. This allows you to serve highly relevant and targeted reminders based on behaviour to employees who may not be aware of all the resources available to them. For example, if you offer stress management sessions, you can signpost employees who continually record that their mood is low to this type of resource.

If you need help getting started, we have built a range of online resources to support the health and wellbeing of your employees and provide assistance in delivering your organisation’s wellbeing program. We have compiled a thorough signposting resource covering physical, mental and financial health and wellbeing. You can utilise this online resource to help guide your employees to the help they need.

Enterprise Workplace Wellness Platform



Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Core Employee Wellness Content



Welbot desktop comes pre-installed with a mood check-in, daily physical and mental health exercises, hydration and nutrition notifications and screen break reminders.

Preset Wellbeing Content



Our new custom cards allow you to create and serve targeted notifications to staff, signposting them to your internal wellbeing initiatives and employee benefit packages.

Health and Safety Alerts



Welbot Enterprise 3.0 features fully customisable Alerts enabling you to schedule and broadcast business critical, health and safety updates to your employees company wide.