Critical interventions

Welbot can be used to broadcast essential health and safety messages and other critical information to your entire company. You can schedule notifications with varying degrees of urgency and regularity as circumstances require and segment your communications by location and business unit. Whether you are providing updates and information or are directing your staff to take immediate action, our app has the features to meet your needs.

workplace health and wellbeing interventions


Use the Alerts notifications to make sure your users take necessary precautions and actions to protect their health and wellbeing. These notifications are delivered directly to your users’ desktops and clearly display the messages you want them to see. Examples of situations in which alerts are useful are:

Ongoing health crises such as the coronavirus outbreak. Communicate the most up to date government guidance and your organisation’s policies and response in real time.

Extreme weather warnings such as floods and dangerous winds. Get ahead of events and tell your employees what the plan is for office closures and travel options.

Situations involving emergency services. Protect your staff from hazardous situations, clearly communicate the actions and precautions they should take and reassure them.

Our critical intervention tool allows your communications to be fully customised. Target the users you want to speak to, craft your messages for the particular moment and deliver them directly to your employees at the time they need to see them.

Welbot in the Workplace

Plan ahead

Welbot is not just to be used for critical and urgent alerts. You can schedule health and safety and wellbeing events using our Workplace Wellbeing Management platform. Use Welbot to schedule notifications for recurring events such as weekly fitness classes. You can also create one-off wellness events using our software to remind your staff of seminars, health observances and organisational initiatives. And for any notification you create, you can target specific user groups and include links to registration pages and more information on external sites or within your organisation’s intranet.

Enterprise Workplace Wellness Platform



Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Core Employee Wellness Content



Welbot desktop comes pre-installed with a mood check-in, daily physical and mental health exercises, hydration and nutrition notifications and screen break reminders.

Preset Wellbeing Content



Our new custom cards allow you to create and serve targeted notifications to staff, signposting them to your internal wellbeing initiatives and employee benefit packages.

Health and Safety Alerts



Welbot Enterprise 3.0 features fully customisable Alerts enabling you to schedule and broadcast business critical, health and safety updates to your employees company wide.