Parenting and Mental Health

Are the demands of being a parent challenging you more than usual? Being responsible for another person is always difficult, but you don't have to do it alone. Help is available if the pressures of parenting are getting you down.

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Parenting is a joy and it’s also a serious matter. Whether you have children, have lost a child or are trying to get pregnant, your mental health will be affected. Sometimes parents feel hesitant to reach out for help because they feel guilty or embarrassed or feel like they should be able to manage on their own. The bottom line is that anyone who needs or asks for help should get it. Parents look after children and, fortunately, there are resources and organisations specifically created to look after parents.

We have compiled a list of resources to help you with a range of parenting challenges. Tommy's is a great organisation that funds and conducts pioneering research into the causes and prevention of baby loss. They also provide expert care and information to help make pregnancy safer for everyone. PANDAS aim is to make sure that no individual, family or carer feels as if they are alone. They have a variety of support services available to ensure that help is delivered in a way to suit you. And NCT provide accurate, impartial information and courses about pregnancy, birth and beyond.

You owe it to yourself, the people you care for and the people who care for you to look after your mental health. Take a look at the links below to find the support that is right for you.


Online resources:

www.nct.org.uk - Helpline: 0300 330 0700


Mothers for Mothers
www.mothersformothers.co.uk - Helpline: 0117 935 9366

PANDAS Foundation
www.pandasfoundation.org.uk - Helpline: 0843 289 8401

Action on Postpartum Psychosis




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