Look after your employee’s health and wellness in the workplace.

Welbot is an evidence based corporate workplace health and wellbeing platform designed to improve employee welfare at work. Our enterprise software features daily physical and mental health exercises, online resources and signposting with real-time analytics and management reporting.

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Discover a new way to look after your employee's wellbeing at work.

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Proven Effectiveness with Tangible Results

Employee Benefits:
* Prompts healthy habits at work
* Positive behavioural change
* Improved health and motivation
* Proven increased positivity and mental wellbeing

Company Benefits:
* Boost overall company morale and wellness
* Daily “pulse” with anonymous aggregated analytics
* Visible daily reminder of the focus on staff welfare
* Supports compliance reporting and litigation-avoidance

Our Corporate Wellness Software is Customised Around You

Working with leading Universities and industry experts, our desktop nudges focus on physical and mental exercises, stress management, screen breaks, hydration and nutrition. These interactive techniques are proven to lead to higher levels of staff wellbeing, satisfaction and engagement over time.

Pricing for Businesses:

Standard Plan: £2.50 per seat per month for small to medium sized businesses up to 250 employees.

Enterprise Plan: Tailored product and pricing for large scale corporate businesses.

Over 50% discounts apply depending on volume and term.


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Your free trial includes access to:

- Physical and Mental Wellbeing Exercises
- Hydration and Nutrition Reminders
- Screenbreaks and RSI Avoidance Prompts
- Mood and Engagement Tracking
- Real-time Anonymised Reporting
- Integrated Wellbeing Calendar
- Targeted Employee Benefits
- Internal Signposting and Initiatives

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Company Health and Wellbeing Management Platform

Welbot was created to combat the ill effects of our sedentary, computer-bound ways of working. Our goal is to assist businesses in reducing employee stress and fatigue and help manage musculoskeletal issues and general health through positive behaviour change. These daily actions and interactions lead to higher levels of engagement, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

We spend a third of our waking lives at work. More and more, people are spending much of that time at their office desks, staring at screens all day long. Serious health issues inevitably arise from the way we work.

Welbot helps prevent and manage these issues through regular notifications that appear on your computer, nudging you to do 1 to 3 minutes of activities that will improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Both employer and employees benefit from these early intervention techniques which lead to better performance, improved wellbeing and increased productivity.

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